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We provide low stress veterinary services for your dog or cat, in the comfort of your home. Our vet team is committed to providing gold-standard, tailored care to your pet by examining every body system during a consultation.

Our team are Fear Free certified professionals and are passionate about preventing and alleviating fear, anxiety & stress in pets. An innovative concept in veterinary health care, the Fear Free method significantly reduces the stress your pet experiences during vet visits. Heightened stress levels can change the results of a physical examination, therefore making accurate diagnoses and treatment plans difficult and less effective.  Our vets and nurses constantly assess your pet’s fear, anxiety, and stress levels during their consultation and adapt the process to meet your pet’s individual needs.

All animals are handled in a gentle, force-free manner, with plenty of treats to make the visit a more pleasant experience for them, and everyone involved. Animals that are highly stressed, are given the option to receive pre-visit pharmaceuticals before the visit to reduce any fear or anxiety.