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Pyohex Conditioner


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Pyohex Conditioner 200ml

Pyohex conditioner is an easy to apply coat-hydrating solution that aids in the treatment and prevention of superficial dermatitis and skin infections in dogs. A non-toxic solution, it does not cause any irritation to the pet’s skin. Used in conjunction with an anti bacterial shampoo this medicated conditioner remains effective for 14 days. Formulated specifically for dogs skin, this conditioner prevents infections and maintains healthy coat in all breeds of dogs.

How it works?

Chlorhexidine Gluconate is the active ingredient of Pyohex conditioner. It binds with the hair to destroy bacteria lying on the skin. It kills bacteria by disrupting the cell membrane and precipitating cell contents. With clinically proven antibacterial properties, this ingredient kills, controls and prevents gram positive and gram negative bacteria. With a 14 days residual activity period, the conditioner keeps the pet’s coat healthy. With a neutral pH, this one works well for canine skin.