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Fundraise for Us


Host a donation box

With just a small bit of bench space on your checkout counter or reception desk, you can collect donations for Project Underdog Rescue. You’ll be amazed at how quickly even the smallest donations add up in your donation box!

All you have to do is give the donation box a fabulous home in a high traffic and easily accessible area of your premise. A volunteer will visit to drop the donation box off secure it for you and then check in occasionally to say a quick hello and to swap it over.

It costs you nothing to make a difference, so sign up here today!



Having a birthday, wedding or anniversary celebration and don’t really need any more toasters? Take the opportunity to make a lifesaving difference to animals in need by asking your friends and family to make a donation to Project Underdog Rescue in lieu of gifts.


Challenge Yourself

Run, ride, walk or swim for Project Underdog Rescue. Or choose your own unique challenge like giving up a luxury item.


Host your own fundraiser event

Organise your own event such as a morning tea, bake sale or casual clothes day.

Contact us today to begin your fundraising journey!