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What is foster caring?

Our foster carers look after their foster pet in their own home, temporarily until a suitable forever home is found. Foster carers have a very important role in providing rehabilitation and care for our animals in an environment outside a pound or shelter, ensuring that the animals have the best chance at being successfully rehomed. Without the help of our compassionate and selfless foster carers we simply would not be able to do what we do!

What do I need to provide?

Our foster carers are responsible for providing a loving home that is secure and safe for their foster pet at all times. They are responsible for transporting their foster pet to appointments and being available for meet and greets. We expect our foster pets are treated like family.

What do you provide?

We will cover all vet expenses as long as you liaise with us first and use our preferred clinics (unless of course it’s an emergency). We will supply you with super premium pet food and any necessary items such as beds, toys, training equipment etc. We are however greatly appreciative if our carers are willing to supply these themselves.

How long will I have the animal for?

A majority of our rescue pets have come from unstable backgrounds so our aim is for them to stay with the one foster carer until they are adopted. This can be for as little as two weeks up until a few months. Once the pet has been in our care for a minimum of two weeks then we will start promoting them on PetRescue and work on finding them the perfect forever home.

What if I want to adopt my foster pet?

If you become attached to your foster pet (which of course can happen!) then we do offer you the opportunity to apply to adopt them should they prove a perfect match.

How old do I have to be to foster?

21 years of age.

How do I become a foster carer?

Fill out an application form: Cats or Dogs

Do I have to register my foster pet with the council?

All foster carers must ensure that their foster dog or cat is registered with their local council for the duration of its stay. Victorian councils can issue a monetary fine to the carer of any unregistered dog or cat and also have the power to seize any unregistered animal.

Can I foster if I live outside of Victoria?

Unfortunately not. As we are based in Melbourne we like to keep our foster carers within a reasonable distance so that we can easily do yard checks, meet and greets, follow up visits etc.

We feel very strongly about being involved in all our animals transition from pound to foster home and from foster home to forever home. It is important that we are close by should our foster parents need our assistance at short notice.

These animals have already come from difficult lives and it is our responsibility to ensure we do everything we can to make sure that the foster home they go to is a safe and suitable environment that will assist with their rehabilitation process.

Having our animals within close proximity also means we can provide and recommended services to our foster carers such as behaviourists, trainers, veterinarians etc. We only recommended people/places/businesses whom we know and trust.

There are lots of great animal rescue organisations all across the country so we urge you to get in touch with your local rescue group and offer to foster.

The highlighted area on the map below shows our foster carer zone and the blue drop pin in the location of our preferred veterinary clinic. If you are only just outside the zone but are willing to travel then please still get in touch.