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Sheldon & Leonard

Species: Feline

Breed: DSH

Age: 1 year 1 month 3 weeks

Sex: Male

Ideal Weight: 4kg

Microchip: 956000012189299 and 956000012142535

Source Code: RR100240

Adoption Fee: $299 for both



Flea Treated:


FIV Tested:

Children Under 6 Years:

Children 6-13 Years:

Other Dogs:

Other Cats:

Why hello there! We’re Sheldon and Leonard, and we’re here to make your lives that little bit more adorable. We’re a package deal because we’re actually brothers (we know we don’t look super similar but I swear we’re from the same litter!) and we love being around each other (as well as our lucky humans).

We have a lot of things in common – we love cuddles with each other, climbing as high as we can on cat castles, and spending quality time playing and napping with our humans, and of course we also both loveee food!

Of the two of us Sheldon is the more adventurous and Leonard is the one who gives the most smooches to his foster parents! When we first arrived at our foster parents’ we weren’t in great shape, but during our time there we’ve overcome the issues we arrived with and are now much happier, calmer and healthier. I (Sheldon) will require ongoing eye drops in order to keep my beautiful eyes in their current clean and healthy state.