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Species: Canine

Breed: Staffy

Age: 6 years 1 month 4 days

Sex: Male

Ideal Weight: 25kg

Microchip: 956000005907337

Source Code: RR100240

Adoption Fee: $599



Flea Treated:


Heartworm Tested:

Heartworm Protected:

Children Under 6 Years:

Children 6-13 Years:

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Herro! My name is Morty (short for Sir Morticus) and I am indisputably a Very Good Boy.

I’m a total cuddle bug, ready to give you all the love. Sunning myself during the day is definitely a favourite past time of mine, a close second to cuddles and belly rubs with my hoomans.

I might be 6 years old but I’m only just learning all there is to know about the world. I didn’t really have any exposure in my past life, I was just a backyard doggo. Good news is you can really teach a middle aged dog new tricks. I am well toilet trained, and also able to be left on my own for short periods of time, but I haven’t been left on my own for extended periods of time yet. I’ve recently learnt to sit when asked, I prefer to do it on a warm comfy surface rather than the tiles or floorboards though. I’m super excited about what I’ll learn to do next.

When I first started with my foster family I was a lil bit scared of the dark, but I’m already soo much more confident! I have a little night light next to me and that makes me feel lots better. I’m a bit scared of loud noises and weird things like ceiling fans, vacuum cleaners and printers. I’ve never really encountered any of these things before so I just need to learn that they aren’t going to cause me any harm.

I get a bit scared when I hear other dogs barking or coming too close to me so I’d prefer to be in an only animal home please!

Oooh, also, I recently had eyelid surgery for my cherry eyes, and I am recovering really well from that, although I think that the Cone of Shame is completely uncalled for.