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On Hold

Species: Canine

Breed: Mastiff x

Age: 3 years 6 months 1 week

Sex: Male

Ideal Weight: 45kg

Microchip: 956000006313305

Source Code: RR100240

Adoption Fee: $699



Flea Treated:


Heartworm Tested:

Heartworm Protected:

Hello, I’m Bean.

Please forgive me, I’m a little bit shy. I might look like a big tough boy but I’m actually a really sensitive guy. Life has been a little bit confusing for me as I’ve shifted homes a lot but since landing with Project Underdog Rescue they’ve promised me that my next home will be absolutely be my forever home.

I am so quiet and gentle it’s hard to believe that I’m 45kg. I’m a real snuggle bug once I know you’re not out to hurt me but gaining trust will take time. Having a calm doggo friend will help me feel safe. I would really very much like a calm doggo friend at my new home. I think I’d really enjoy living outside of the hustle and bustle of the city. I’d love to have a place where I can stretch my legs and run around and then lay in the sunshine!

I try to be the goodest boy all the time, but sometimes being alone is scary and I pee myself. For this reason I am really need to be in a place where my human is usually home, at least until I am comfortable on my own.

I really am the sweetest boy.

Not suited to living with children under 13 years of age or cats.